Sunday Night Youth Dinner Volunteer Signup 

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The Grove Youth Ministry meets most Sunday nights. With help from volunteers like you, we are able to feed our youth and their guests a meal before worship and Bible study begins. We hope to have enough volunteers to pair together 2 adults to prepare one meal per month on an assigned Sunday night. Once I get your info I will email you and share a DOC with you where you will be able to see the contact list of other volunteers. We ask that if you are unable to prepare your meal for your shift that you contact another volunteer directly and ask them to cover your shift for you. You may want to make arrangements to cover their shift for the month for pay back.

We ask that you provide enough food to feed around 25 kids. Some volunteers choose to provide Foosackleys chicken fingers & fries or Pizza. Home cooked "Taco Soup" is always a favorite but our youth appreciate anything you are willing to provide. Please bring drinks like a couple of 2 liters if possible. Desserts are an option also.

Youth begins at 5:00pm so we ask that you arrive with the food at least by 5:00pm. We will provide plates & utensils. 

We want to thank you so much for supporting our Youth Ministry. May God Bless you for serving The Grove Church.